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Parkinson's disease is also called primary parkinsonism for which no cause has yet been found.     Learn more...
Parkinson has no cure but a variety of medications provide dramatic relief from the symptoms.     Learn more...
In keeping with our mission to help you manage Parkinson's surf downloadable resources for sourcing material   Download now
Join us in improving the quality of life for Parkinson’s patients. We can not do it without your help.     Join now
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Most symptoms of Parkinson’s disease have to do with motor skills: Dr. Nadir
Publication: Jang Date: 11 -04-2008 Column inches:       -
Circulation: 415,000 (combined) Page:      13 Language: Urdu
Journalist:       - Dateline:       - City: Karachi
Released by: Public Affairs on (10-4-2008) Photograph:       - Country: Pakistan
Heading: Most symptoms of Parkinson’s disease have to do with motor skills: Dr Nadir