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The Pakistan Parkinson’s Society announced that it is initiating a ‘WELL…ness series project in an effort to explore and promote the therapeutic value of ‘Music’ and ‘Creativity’ in generating Wellness and helping in the management of Parkinson’s disease.

The first program was rolled out for the JPMC Neurological ward on the request of Dr. Shaukat Ali ,Head of Neurology Department, JPMC. The seminar was held at the JPMC Auditorium and was attended by People with Parkinson’s, care-givers, occupational therapists and medical students.

Dr. Shaukat in his opening remarks welcomed this initiative of bringing new techniques of treatment to complement the management of the disease. Mr .Haroon Basheer, Chairman Pakistan Parkinson’s Society conducted the WELL…ness seminar and had the audience singing and dancing with the underlying note of techniques that can be used for managing movement and balance disorder, depression and vocal issues. Mr . Basheer further announced that a total of six programs covering various topics for treating Parkinson’s will be rolled out at the JPMC and other hospitals. A booklet, ‘Exercises for PD patients’, was also distributed to the seminar participants.

PPS is a not for profit registered society set up with the objective of creating public awareness and helping provide best possible quality of life for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s.