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Parkinson's disease is also called primary parkinsonism for which no cause has yet been found.     Learn more...
Parkinson has no cure but a variety of medications provide dramatic relief from the symptoms.     Learn more...
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Haroon Basheer
Founder I Chairman
Pakistan Parkinson’s Society (PPS)

“It has given me a chance to absorb the worst and not allow myself to be a victim of my illness. It has taught me that even though there is a fighter inside me its all right sometimes to be less self-sufficient to appreciate a friends help for something as small as buttoning a shirt cuff”

Most of all it has made me more conscious of Allah’s bounties and blessings which we take for granted. SubhanAll’ah.

About Us
Pakistan Parkinson's Society (PPS) is non political, non religious and non profit-making, and is established with the primary objective of being the patient's voice, to help them make informed choices in order to achieve the best quality of life possible.
PPS will help achieve public awareness of the disease with the objective of providing the best possible quality of life for those with Parkinson’s, their families and their care givers, by:
Acting as a knowledge resource for PD patients and care givers by providing information and access to best practices around the world.
Supporting and creating awareness of the disease, aimed at removing any social stigma.
Working with the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession to improve the focus on management of PD.
Creating support groups to act as effective and easy-to-access forums for persons afflicted with PD.
Working with Government agencies and garnering support to achieve the above objectives and promoting liaison between scientific and patient communities.