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Parkinson's disease is also called primary parkinsonism for which no cause has yet been found.     Learn more...
Parkinson has no cure but a variety of medications provide dramatic relief from the symptoms.     Learn more...
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Event Gallery

Invitation / Program

We are pleased to invite you to a seminar covering the following topic unveiling the mystery of Deep Brain Surgery (DBS) as a treatment option now available to the Patients of Parkinson’s in Pakistan. The first few procedures done have been successfully conducted in General Hospital Lahore. The facility is likely to be introduced in Karachi shortly.

Topic: “DBS procedure & indication”
Speaker: Dr. Dureshawar Kanwar (AKUH Faculty)
Date: Thursday 7th September 2017
Time: 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm
Venue: AKUH Sports & Rehab Center Karachi.

Admission is free!
For details contact:
PPS: 0300-8220196 AKUH: 021-34861662

Support Group

Support Group meeting was jointly organized by Pakistan Parkinson’s Society (PPS) and AKUH on Thursday 4th May 2017 at the AKUH Sports & Rehab Center (SRC). Prof Amanullah Memon a consultant Urologist & Professor of Surgery at AKUH spoke on the ‘Management of Urinary & related problems with Parkinson’s Patients’. Around 30 participants / caregivers attended the session. Prof Amanullah explained each & every detail related to Urinary problems with Parkinson’s patients in a very simple way which was well received by the participants and appreciated the efforts of PPS in ‘Cultivating Hope’ amongst the people afflicted with the Disease.

Date: Thursday 4th May 2017
Venue: AKUH

Prof Amanullah Memon discussing the topic with the patients & caregivers

Patients & caregivers at the Support Group Meeting

PPS Chairman Haroon Basheer giving memento to Prof Amanullah Memon

Lets Unote

Come join the Parkinson’s Unity Walk with your family and friends at the Aga Khan Sports & Rehabilitation Center, Karachi.

Date: Sunday 5th March 2017
Time: 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Venue: Aga Khan Sports & Rehabilitation Center, Karachi.

Admission is free!
In collaboration with AKUH
For details:
Visit us: www.parkinsons.org.pk
Contact us:[email protected]
SMS: 03000-210997

Invitation to Parkinson's Support Group Meeting

You are cordially invited to the Parkinson’s Support Group meeting organized by Pakistan Parkinson’s Society (PPS) & AKUH.

Topic: “How has Management of Parkinson’s Disease Changed over the years” – A Neurologist perspective
Speaker: Dr. Nadir Ali Syed (Consultant Neurologist)
Date: Thursday 5th January 2017
Time: 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm
Venue: AKUH Sports and Rehab Centre, Karachi

Admission is free!
For details contact:
PPS SMS & Tel: 03000-210997 AKUH: 021-34861662

Invitation to Parkinson's Support Group Meeting

You are cordially invited to the Parkinson’s Support Group meeting organized by Pakistan Parkinson’s Society & AKUH.

Topic: “Falls in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease – Risk Factors & Preventive Steps”
Speaker: Dr. Aziz Sonawalla (Neurologist Faculty AKUH)
Date: Thursday, 1 December 2016
Time: 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm
Venue: AKUH Sports and Rehab Center, Karachi.

Admission is free!
For details contact:
PPS SMS & Tel: 03000-210997 AKUH: 021-34861662

Dr. Naim Siddiqui (Consultant Psychiatrist Coordinator AKUH / SIUT) at the Parkinson's Support Group Meeting held on 06-10-2016 at the AKUH Sports & Rehab Center Karachi.

Patients & Caregiver at the Parkinson's Support Group Meeting held on 06-10-2016 at the AKUH Sports & Rehab Center Karachi.

A slide from Dr. Naim Siddiqui's topic.





Parkinson’s Support Group meeting on Thursday, 6th August 2015

Organized by Pakistan Parkinson’s Society & AKUH, Parkinson’s Support Group meeting will be held on Thursday, 6th August 2015 at the AKUH Sports and Rehab Centre, Karachi.

Speaker : Dr. Mariam Syeda (Faculty AKUH)

Topic: Speech Problems in PD Patients

Time: 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm

Admission is free


PPS SMS & Tel: 03000-210997

AKUH: 021-34861662









Parkinson’s disease Support Groups

Some people may have problems coping with Parkinson’s disease. It may be hard for them to ask their doctor questions or talk about their problems with their family or friends. A support group may be just the right answer. Many patients have gained encouragement from meeting with others who have Parkinson’s disease. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss experiences and feelings and to share solutions to common problems.

Pakistan Parkinson’s Society, (PPS) recognizing this need besides organizing ‘open days’ / seminars all aimed at making life easier for Parkinson’s patients and making them understand and manage the disease..Support Group meets every first Thursday of the month at the AKUH Sports and Rehabilitation Centre from 12.00-1.30 PM. Admission is free. On an average around 30-35 mostly PD patients attend. The meeting is addressed by AKUH faculty and each month a condition that bothers PD Patients is discussed in an interactive session.

PPS has held over 34 Support Group sessions and have discussed topics nd like; Voice Therapy, Dietary, Exercise, Neurology, Depression, Tip for living with Parkinson’s, Speech, Oral Hygiene, Steps to Wellness to name a few.

Below are some glimpses of the Support Group held on 7th August 2014. The topic under discussion was, ‘The 12 Steps to Wellness’, and the meeting was coordinated by Mr. Mohabbat Ali (AKUH Faculty) and Haroon Basheer (Founder PPS). Participants were guided in how to make Wellness notes and maintain a diary which will be discussed at the next meeting scheduled on Thursday 4th September, 2014 at the AKUH Rehab Center Karachi. Patients of PD and care givers are encouraged to attend. Admission is free.

Contact: [email protected]

World Parkinson’s Day 2015

Aga Khan University Hospital

Aga Khan University Hospital

Aga Khan University Hospital

Chairman at LSVT Session

Mohabbat Ali

Session Group

Slim Majeed Ullah

Lahore Seminar on Parkinson’s

Notes on PPS Seminar:

The Seminar was held through the joint collaboration of the Jung Group and Pakistan Parkinson’s Society (PPS) at Pearl Continental Hotel for PD patients on August 13, 2013 at 10AM.


Mr. Haroon Basheer (Chairman)

Mr. M. Irshad Jan (Director)

Mrs. Asima Haroon (Director)

Seminar’s Agenda:

1. Opening remarks / Overview by PPS Chairman, Mr. Haroon Basheer.

2. What is Parkinson’s, managing motor / non motor challenges. Speaker: Dr. Ather Javed.

3. Preparation for visit to Doctor, You are your best Doctor. Speaker: Dr. Naeem Qasuri.

4. (1) How are PD Patients managed in USA.
    (2) Surgical options, DBS Procedures and experience / how patient is selected.
    Guest Speaker: Dr. Saad Siddiqui

5. Closing Remarks. Speaker: Dr. Nasrullah.

6. Hi-Tea.

The Seminar:
  • The Seminar opened with the name of Allah.

  • The Chairman welcomed the participants to the Seminar and thanked them for giving their time which will benefit Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers. He also spoke about the completion of 5 years of Pakistan Parkinson’s Society and its achievements in cultivating hope to the PD patients.

  • Dr. Ather Jawed a Neurologist spoke about the motor and non-motor periods in Parkinson’s patients and how to manage it.

  • Dr. Naeem Qasuri also a Neurologist spoke at which time a patient with Parkinson’s symptoms should visit a Neurologist as the patient himself is a better judge of his condition.

  • The guest speaker Dr. Saad Siddiqui, a Neurologist from US who was on a private visit to Lahore and on request of the Society he spoke on how the patients with Parkinson’s in US are managed. He also spoke about the surgical options and about DBS Procedures his experiences and how a patient is selected for surgery.

  • Seminar’s closing remarks were given by Dr. Nasrullah.

  • The closing of seminar was followed by Hi-Tea.

  • The seminar was over-all a success as PD patients and their care givers were there, around 175 people participated in it.

Date: 13/08/2013


A public awareness and a scientific seminar was arranged in Lahore with the collaboration of Jinnah Hospital / Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC) on 12/12/2012. The seminar which was held at the AIMC auditorium and was attended by over 150 people mostly effected by Parkinson's disease Mr. Haroon Basheer Chairman PPS in his opening address talked about the lack of awareness in general public but also lack of knowledge among doctors on symptoms and management of the disease. He also went on to thank the principal of AIMC Mr. Shaukat Mahmood for his support and cooperation. In his closing remarks Dr. Mahmood whilst appreciative of the work been done by the Society he also promised to start a Neurology clinic in the Hospital."

The next seminar is planned in February (dates to be announced) in Faisalabad.

Summary of up coming events January to February 2013

1. Support Group at the AKUH Sports & Rehabilitation Centre on Thursday 7th February 2013. Speaker Dr. Sayda Mahvish Hussain will speak on "Oral Hygiene" for Parkinson's patients. (Support Group meeting is held on the first Thursday of each month same time same place)

2.Support group at South City Hospital auditorium on Saturday 23rd February 2013. Presentation on Occupational Therapy. (Support Group meeting is held on the last Saturday of each month, same time same place)

3. Public awareness seminar at Faisalabad on February 2013 (dates to be announced)

Events Parkinson’s support group South City Hospital Last Saturday of each month 12.00-13.00 hours 29 DEC 2012 ADMISSION FREE Pre Resgistration Mandatory PARKINSON'S SUPPORT GROUP AT AKUH SPORTS AND REHAB CENTRE Held first thursday of each month 12.00-1.30 PM ADMISSION FREE For more info: Contact us at; [email protected]

Pakistan Parkinson’s Society Support Group Meeting held on 04-10-12

Parkinson’s Support Group Meeting is held every first Thursday of the month at AKUH Sports & Rehabilitation Center. It is a collaborative effort between Pakistan Parkinson’s Society and AKUH.

The main topic for the October meeting was “Gait and Balance Management in Parkinson’s patients”. An interactive session and a detailed interactive presentation was made by Mr. Mohabbat Ali (Incharge Rehabilitation Center)

Almost every attendee asked questions and they themselves also exchanged information. These kinds of Support Group sessions are of great help for the PD patients.

The Pakistan Parkinson’s Society Chairman Mr. Haroon Basheer thanked Mohabbat Ali for efforts put in by him, and in a feedback letter sent to him, he commented;

“The feedback from the recently held support group was excellent and your presentation on ‘Gait and Balance management ‘ was well received. The highly interactive session helped clarify a lot of issues and again demonstrated your / AKUH commitment on being professional and patient focused”.

The Parkinson’s Support Group is a joint initiative of AKUH and Pakistan Parkinson’s Society. The support meets at the AKUH Sports and Rehabilitation center on first Thursday of each month, from 12 to 1.30pm. Details can be obtained from the following numbers: 0300-8967361, (SMS) 0302-8234328, AKUH: 021-34930051 Ext: 1662, Contact: [email protected]

Parkinsons Support Group

Jointly organized by the Pakistan Parkinson’s Society (PPS) and

Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi.

Date: Thursday 4 October 2012

Time: 12.00 - 13.30 pm

Admission is free

Venue: AKUH Sports and Rehabilitation Centre


Opening remarks / Wellness

Haroon Basheer (Chairman PPS)

Interactive Session on Gait & Fall Management in Parkinson’s

Mohabbat Ali (Incharge Advanced Rehabilitation Program)

Closing Remarks: M. Irshad Jan (Director PPS)

Contact: [email protected]

Telephone: 0300-8967361, (SMS) 0302-8234328, AKUH: 021-34930051 Ext: 1662

Support Group meets first Thursday of each month, same time, same place.

“Those who fight Parkinson’s with knowledge always find solutions”

Pakistan Parkinson's Society

Contact : [email protected]

Tel: 0300 8220 196

Parkinsons Support Group

Date: Thursday 5 July 2012

Time: 12.00- 13.30 pm

Admission is free

Venue: AKUH Sports and Rehab centre


Opening remarks Wellness / Speech impediments revisited

Non Motor symptoms awareness / management

Consultant / Neurologist AKUH

Haroon Basheer Chairman PPS

Dr Sarwar Jameel Siddiqui

Q & A

All Closing

Mohabbat Ali

Senior Advanced Re-hab



Parkinsons Support Group

On Thursday 3rd May 12 to 1.30 pm

Admission is free

At Aga Khan University sports and rehabilitation centre

Topics fo be covered

"Beyond Medicine"

video presentation by Dr.Parekh Joshi

On deep brain stimulation
Q & A Agha Khan Faculty

Video presentation on LSVT LOUD/ Big
Co ordinator Mohabbat Ali AKUH Faculty
Conducted by M. Irshad Jan director Pakistan Parkinson’s Society


Dear Friend,

Parkinson’s Unity Walk……. a Catalyst for Hope and Promise for the Parkinson’s Disease Community

Karachi– On Sunday February 12th the Parkinson’s disease community comes together to instill spirit and optimism in those affected by the disease at the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, a grass root event for people afflicted by the disease.

Organized by the Pakistan Parkinson’s Society in collaboration with Agha Khan Hospital people affected with the disease, caregivers, families and friends are expected to lend their feet by participating in a gentle one mile walk and community education day in Agha Khan Hospital Cricket Ground Sports and Rehab Centre, Karachi.

At the Walk, attendees will be able to mingle with Caregivers, Therapy specialists and take take away brochures about alternate therapies and information on local support groups. To receive more information on Parkinson’s disease please visit our website www.parkinsons.org.pk or visit the booth at site. Interested participants may register at walk site or online email [email protected] or by SMS to 0302 8234832

Registration is free and each registered walker will get a sports Cap Free

The program is as follows:

Date Sunday 12, 2012
Venue Cricket Ground Agha Khan Hospital, Sports and Rehab Centre
Time Registration 10.30 AM onwards
Walk starts 11.00 AM Welcome Registration is FREE. Refreshments are available Each registered walker gets a Sports cap. Free Hospital shuttle will be available for transportation from parking lot to walk site.

Pakistan Parkinson’s Society (www.parkinsons.org.pk) which was founded in 2008 with the objective of raising awareness and funds for PD patient centric support activity uniting the community under a common goal of winning the war against Parkinson’s disease. This event is in collaboration with The Agha Khan Hospital who are supportive of such community programs which include educational programs and Parkinson’s Support group activity. The walk provides an opportunity to help the Parkinson’s community to network and change the lives of people suffering from the disease. We look forward to your presence in support of the Parkinson’s community.

Join us. Make every step count

M. Irshad Jan


Bharpoor Zindagi

Bharpoor Zindagi

Bharpoor Zindagi

1.The PPS Chairman Mr. Haroon Basheer called on the Director Ziauddin college of speech therapy Ms Amina Asif Siddiqui. It was agreed that PPS and ZCSLT will collaborate and provide support to each other .PPS will invite members from the college faculty to address its seminars and spread awareness of speech therapy treatments offered.

2.A memorandum of understanding was signed between the President of the Pakistan Neurological Society (PNS) and PPS .Both institutions agreed to support each other in activities related to create awareness about parkinson's disease amongst patients, caregivers and medical support staff.Dr. Prof.Shaukat Ali, Head of Neurology JPMC, and Mr. Haroon Basheer, Chairman Pakistan Parkinson'S Society in a joint statement stated that this will give further boost to achieving the societies' goals and objectives.

3.The "Bharpoor Zindagi" Seminar/support group, scheduled at the Najamuddin Auditorium at the Jinnah Hospital on the 28th of July 2010, was postponed, due to the unforseen turbulent conditions in Karachi. We will be rescheduling the event very soon. Please check this site for further information on the Seminar dates etc.

Agenda: Parkinson's diseaese management .....complementary therapy,balance between faculty ,senior neurologists and medical support profession.

Contact: [email protected]

SMS: 0300 8220196
           0302 8234328

04 August 2010

1 April 2010


New Booklet to be launched
on World Parkinson’s Day

New Broucher

Pakistan Parkinson’s Society in collaboration with
Glaxo SmithKline have launched a booklet titled
My Life, My PD for Parkinson's patients.
To order a copy write to us at [email protected] or SMS 0302 8234328



Click here to view details

Energy Therapy - An Introduction

Click here to view details

Click here to view details
For information contact
[email protected]
Supported by: Glaxo SmithKline Pakistan Limited

Wellness Series...
The Pakistan Parkinson's Society (PPS) is starting the WELLness series project in an effort to explore and promote the therapeutic value of creativity/music and generating wellness in the treatment and management of Parkinson's.
Who should attend?
Primarily Parkinson's patients, their families and care givers. Medical practitioners, movement disorder support professionals will also find it useful as non traditional methods and practices will be introduced to create wellness in Persons with Parkinson's.
WELLness Series.... Support Group
Organized and Managed by:
Date   :    Saturday 1st August, 2009  
Venue   : Karachi South City Hospital Auditorium  
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM   : Opening Recitation of the Holy Quran  
    :  Opening remarks. Today’s Agenda. Mr. Haroon Basheer
    :  Ice-breaker
11:30 AM – 11:50 AM   : Music Therapy and the sounds of nature Mr. Haroon Basheer
    Tea Break  
12:00 Noon – 13:00 PM   : "Keep Moving" Video assisted exercise
program under supervision of Senior
Physiotherapist Dow
Dr. M Arif
13:00 PM – 13:10 PM   : Video, "Practical Tips for Daily living"
13:10 PM – 13:30 PM   : Q & A Doctors in attendance*
13:30   : Light refreshments  
Admission is free
Primarily meant for people with PD and their caregivers, doctors and other medical support personnel also welcome.
Space is limited so pre booking is recommended.
*Dr. Nadir Syed 
 Dr. Faisal Mamsa 
 Dr. M Arif 
Haroon Basheer 

Pakistan Parkinson's Society invites you to a PD Awareness Seminar organised to mark World Parkinson's Day in collaboration with AKUH.
Date : Saturday, April 11, 2009
Timing : 04:00pm to 06.00pm
Venue : Agha Khan University Auditorium
Faculty / program
Parkinson’s Disease: What everyone should know - Dr. Sarwar Siddiqui, Consultant Neurologist
Living with Parkinson’s Disease - Dr. Mughis Sheerani, Consultant Neurologist
New and emerging therapies for Parkinson’s Disease - Dr. Nadir Syed, Consultant Neurologist
Psychological Aspect of Parkinson’s Disease - Dr. Wahab Yousafzai, Consultant Psychiatrist
Speech Therapy for PD Patients - Ms. Fauzia Shah, Speech Therapist
Question and Answer Session


With deep regrets we share the news of the sad demise of our Founder Director & Vice Chairman. His contribution to the formation of the Pakistan Parkinson’s Society and active participation in its affairs will long be remembered.
We pray to Allah to give him a place in heaven and his family and loved ones the courage to bear this loss…
(Ina lilalahey wa ina alhey rajeon)

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance,
Never settle for the path of least resistance,
Living might mean taking chances but they're worth taking,
Loving might be a mistake but its worth making,
Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter,
When you come close to selling out, reconsider,
Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.


Haroon Basheer

Organized by the:
Pakistan Parkinson's Society
Pakistan Parkinson' Society in collaboration with the Agha Khan University Hospital is holding a Parkinson's Management and Support Clinic as part of the ongoing Support Group activity for People with Parkinson's (PwP's) and their care givers.
Venue : Lecture Hall # 3 Agha Khan University Hospital Karachi
Date : Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
Timing : 10.30am to 1.00 pm
Multidisciplinary Sessions which will be handled by Specialists
  • Exercises for People with Parkinson's (PwP's)
  • Occupational Therapy. Help for People with Parkinson's
  • Step by step Speech Therapy, you have a voice
  • Healthy diet and nutrition tips for PwP's
Question & Answer session/ Wrap up comments by Dr. Nadir A Syed, Neurologist AKUH. Coordinator Mr. Haroon Basheer, Chairman, Pakistan Parkinson's Society
Admission is free, however space is limited so kindly confirm your intention to attend via email [email protected] or call/ SMS 0300-8220-196. Booklets on management of Parkinson's will be available for attendees with compliments of the Pakistan Parkinson's Society
GP's, medical students, nursing aides are also welcome to attend

Seminar on 'Mood Management' to be addressed by leading doctors
Date : 18th October 2008
Timing : 11:00-12:30 PM
Venue : Venue South City Hospital Auditorium (opposite Barbq Tonite)
Who should attend?
People with Parkinson's, their care givers and GP's seeking info on Parkinson’s disease management.
Register on [email protected] or sms/tel 0300 8220196

Support Group Session focused on Speech Therapy
On 9th August at AKUH Lecture Hall # 3
Time: 11:00 to 12:30 PM
(Admission Free)

  Aga Khan University  
  in collaboration with the  
  Pakistan Parkinson's Society  
are pleased to invite you to
A Support Group Programme for People with Parkinson's (PWP) and their care givers on the theme:
  • To share individual experiences and coping strategies that work.
  • To identify perceived gaps in Parkinson's Management.
  • To identify needs of 'People with Parkinson's and hold tailor made PD management workshops.
Day : Saturday, May 31, 2008
Time : 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Venue : Lecture Hall # 2, Aga Khan University Hospital
11:00 AM – 11:10 AM : Objectives of the Support Group.
11:10 AM– 11:20 AM : Introductions
11:20 AM– 11:45 AM : Personal stories and issues. Coordinated by Haroon Basheer, Chairman PPS Pakistan Parkinson's Society.
11:45 AM – 12:25 PM : Presentation by Dr. Muhammad Arif Ali, Sr. Physical Therapist, Department of Physiotherapy on the importance of regular exercise for People with Parkinson's (PwP).
12:25 PM– 12:30 PM : Concluding remarks by Dr. Nadir Ali Syed, Associate Professor and Head, Section of Neurology, Department of Medicine, AKU.
All are cordially invited
Admission is free

Q & A session on World Parkinson’s Day celebrated on April 10th 2008.
Chairman PPS Mr. Haroon Basheer presenting the patient’s perspective.
The audience